For those on the south side of the river, and who could get out of bed early enough, Cannon Hill shopping centre was the first meeting point for the morning.  When we arrived at Cannon Hill there was a ‘Black Cat’, a ‘Blue Bird’, a yellow and white Fairlane plus one other that was a little different to the rest - much smaller than the others.  It was Chris & Ann’s little MG, hot off the restoration line - what a little beauty! 






Next port of call was Shell Nudgee where there was already a collection of  ‘Birds’ and ‘Cats’ and an LTD.  Plenty of time for a coffee and a chat before heading off to Sandgate.  I was just about to round up everyone who was inside when I heard a little whisper that there could be a ‘small problem’ with one of the cars.  Luckily Dave had not lost his touch and with a bit of wire in hand he was into the big ‘Black Cat’ in no time.  I won’t mention any names but would just like to remind everyone to check that they have their keys in their hand before locking the car, Dave may not be on hand next time to help out ….. hey Barry!  (oops) After a quick trip down the highway it was a leisurely cruise along the waterfront before finding the Full Moon Hotel car park.  Don’t think there were any car spaces left after our group arrived.



Sometimes we are not 100% organised so it was just sheer luck that we arrived early enough to take over one corner of the restaurant that hadn’t been booked.  The staff were excellent and it wasn’t long before our ‘small’ group of about 25 were seated and perusing the menu.  We tested our new found friendship with management as another table or two were needed to be secured for a few latecomers.  It was terrific to see so many club members were able to come out for the day.  Great company, excellent venue, tasty food.



Not wanting to overstay our welcome it was decided to head to the park just up around the corner to catch some of the day’s beautiful sunshine.  Unfortunately just as we were leaving Lynne and Terry arrived.  It was sad to walk away but half the group had already moved off and the staff were eagerly waiting to reclaim some of the tables for the next group of diners who were queued up at the counter.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t made a booking at the park either and were not as lucky as with the Hotel - there were no parking spaces to be found, so a quick U-turn and parking was found on the street just up the hill from the Shorncliffe Jetty. 


Once at the bottom of the hill most of us turned into young kids - yes there was an ice cream van there - so treats all round while we enjoyed the glorious weather and of course, more talking, before we headed for home.

It was a terrific day out, so thank you to all who turned up.

Till the next run, stay safe and enjoy life... Merron