Workshop Day @ Tony and Jay's


There's that great line in the Kevin Costner/Burt Lancaster movie "Field of Dreams"  -  If you build it ... they will come !!    Not sure that a Thunderbirds of Queensland workshop day was exactly what Tony had in mind when he fronted the bank manager about a new business premises for his REPCO Auto Service Centre, but it worked out just fine for the club's most recent workshop day.  Well done, Tony.   That's dedication to the cause.



And they did come, as there were lots of important matters to attend to.    But detailed preparation is the secret ... inspection of all things mechanical from tools, to reference material, from chassis to whole vehicles - it has to be well planned.    That planning stage took a while but everyone seemed to handle it pretty well!!   There were a number of close vehicle inspections ahead of those impulsive urges to get the work done.






After a tough hour or two dealing with the hardware in the workshop, the need for a well organised meal break must be attended to.   Not a problem at Thunderbirds of Queensland.  Thanks to our dedicated support teams at home and Jay's call with lunch for all, any likely hunger was dealt with extremely well.



Tony's latest project is a rare 1964 Mercury Colony Park   ....before



....and after, and don't worry we weren't that energetic.


More questions??   How many club members does it take to buy a carton of beer.  And the answer is ... as many as can fit into Dave's '66 convertible and negotiate the drive to the Bottle shop.    Another success .... a large number of test drives needed during the day to ensure that mechanical adjustments passed inspection.





As was the intent of the day, all who attended benefited from the opportunity to add to mechanical knowledge. Most of the cars made their way to the hoist... its a great opportunity to compare and assess.

Thanks to Tony for making his workshop available to the club. The day was a great success.